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Head light clear set
Product code HD006
Price for sale (including tax) 4,968 yen

It removers yellow hazes plainly with out using of polishing compound, it forms conpletely new glass films.

Speaking of ripica, its effect lasts for more than one year in comparison with that of other companies in that their effect does for a few months.

You find it possible to use, about 20 cars
At used cars stores, orders are rolling in.

[Set content]
・Head light clear [liquid detergent]
・Head light clear coat [coating liquid] 50cc
・cloth for coating into
・cloth for wiping out

★Tail lumps and side visors can be similarly utilized.
Product explanation.

It gets rid of the yellow hazes easily with out using polising compounds
and forms completely new glass type films with a coating deter gent.

In this ripica set, the effect has continued for over one year.
and has kept clear, in comparison with other companies whose effect has just been for a few mouths.

You find it possible to coat about 20cars.
At the second hand store, orders are rolling in ,
〈Set content〉
head light clear(liquid detergent)100ml
head light clear(coating liquid)50cc
coating cloth (wiping out cloth)
Similarly, you can use it for tail lumps and side-visers.

Head light clear(re-brilliant compound) usage procedure.
Will you have this original wax soaked into a sponge etc and powderthe yellow hazed head light lens by scrubbing?
(When you soak liquid into a body for a while, dirt is floated out.)
When yellow hazes and dirts are removed, please wipe them out with the original liquid by using a wet cloth, etc. Please dry it entirely when you have washed a car.
Wil you get rid of water penfectly with a dry cloth?
Head light clear coat (coating compound)Usage procedure.
After you eliminated yellow haze and dirt with head light, please dry the headlight lens abso lutely.
Coating compound doesn’t remain stuck in case water is left.
after letting this liquid put into a special soaking cloth attached to it, please soak into a car.Completely soak a little amount to the degree of liquid not falling down into a car in all directions.
Please be sure to accomplish it beantifully so as not to be uneven.
Finished practicing.
Transparent glassy films were mode.
After completion, for two hours, don’t touch the waxed parts and don’t get wet by water, please.

After step6,
Please wipe it out at once with a special wiping cloth after it was dried for two hours, please soak into it again.
・Never leave it asit is for over ten minutes.
・In summer, it rapidly be comes dry, and so wipe it out quickly, please.

Similarly, you can use both tail lumps and side-visors.
In case of side-visors, please, wipe it out immediately with a special wiping cloth after it was soaked.
Application series which is likely to get full mark like professional coating stores.
First of all, the problem is…
how yellow hazes and lack of luster cause.
Head lights are made from poly carbonate resins, but at first, their sur faces are covered with clear compound, it degenerates with heat and ultra-violent
rays and it un sat is factorily comes to peel off.
As the sur face of poly carbonate resin is uneven, naturally dirts and other things may come in and turn yellow.
Firstly, clear coating left in completely and the resin surface come to be polished and ground with #2000 paper. (sand paper)
And still, they are done with #3000 paper. (sand paper)
You make the surface clear with machines unconducted by heat such as gear action polisher and so on.
Lastly, you have finished waxing into it with head light clear coat.
As it is dried and hardened, please don’t get wet by water for 24 hours.
By steadily covering uneven spots with coating compound that prevents dirt from putting into them again.
It means that the compound buries them and the surfaces become glossy and lucent. If you don’t have any polishers, please grind them with your hands.
By compound’s gradual fragmentation, it comes to be beautiful.
Special method of using the rest of coating compound.

It is possible to use the resins except for head lights.

Please eliminate dirts by washing a car and wax a body by using both a cloth for waxing and a waxing sponge etc
The moment it is waxed out, it begins to dry and harden, and bence wipe it out soon with a wiping cloth and a micro-fiber cloth etc.

A whitened resin also turns black and gets back to be brilliant like a new one.

Voices of customers; 「Head light clear set」

The price seems to be high!!
Yet, wax this set on yellow covered head light, there fore, liquid reacts chemically and turns brown♪

after you finish wiping out, it becomes clear very brilliantly!!