The materials of the finest quality friendly to human and the environment.

Prodects to deliver the exitements of it’s easiness to use, ecofriendlyness and high performance.

Detergent for writing brushes Fudesham(Fudeshampoo)

Shampoo for writing brushes developed by a new idea of washing brushes with foam.

Shampoo special for cosmetic brush Fudesham Plus(Fudeshampoo Plus)

It is a cosmetic brush developed by Kumanofude(120ml Kumano brush) makers.

Hi glass coat THP pro

It comes to be over whelming glass, hard and think film like a barrier and doesn’t contain voc (volatile orgnic com pound)
Conseguently, realization of no applicable dangerous products.
Here exist all the technical powers in Ripica!

Coating vehicle shampoo

This shampoo is like a dream by Practicing easily and traving a short time from washing coating.

Glass type THP coat 200ml

Anyone can mix with ripica higt-glass coat and easily practice glass type coating.

Head light clear set

It easily eliminates yellow hazes with out using polishing compounds and makes completely new glass films with a coating compound.

Ion deposit cleaner 200ml

You can remove ion deposit(ie water spots) scales and glashes etc which stuck to exclusive use of a body.
(regard less of color, iron , almi, stainless steel, plastic, FRP, rubber etc.)