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Hi glass coat THP pro
Product code K005
Price for sale (including tax) 12,960 yen

Over whelming luster, hardening thick film like a barrier and VOC C volatile organic compound are not included, thus, we could realize no applicable dangerous products!
In this product, we do work together all the technical powers in Ripica!

Complete hardened type 100% un organic gnal:fiedcoating compound VOC free-eco specialization.

1.higt hard film(flex:ble and thick hardness 6H film)
2.Scratch vesistance (scratch guard)
3.Burning resistance coating compound(not burned by fire.)
4.Weather resistance(protection from acid rain etc)
5.Chemical resistance(protestion from dissoluedliguid)
6.Contamination resistance
7.Salt damage resistance(protection from sea water and snow melting compound)
8.UV(ultra-violent)-cut function (protection from discoloring of a body color)

This is Honda Fit with black color. which is thought that even coating dealers find it difficult to treat with this color coating.
This is water soluble coating, but at any rate, is softening coating.
After you remove specks and scratches and wash a car with shampoo except for fat and oil,Please wipe out water well and dry it.
In case of bad conditions of both a used car and even a new one.
please elimin ate specks and scratches in polishing revolution, that is, either by use of de-aurora set or by use of water deposit removing cleaner for dark color, if you have a manual work.
You cut a attached sponge special for coating into a half part with a scissors.
(A sponge isn’t used again because a manually used one hardens)
Toward a black softer side of a sponge special for coating, firstly you fall down about ten drops.
First of all, you begin to coat a ceiling.
Still, you coat a plastic part and a mole etc.
You coat and spread rapidly in all directions.
If liguid detergent lessens, you should coat and spread rapidly in all directions.
by adding a few drops.
When you have finished coating a half side of a ceiling, you fold a attached cloth special for wiping out into a quarter.
Please wipe it out without taking a time.
Similarly, you coat and wipe out the opposite side.
The side coated with liquid detergent appears to be in state of drenching. Please, wipe it out steadily till this disappears.
You can make use of the resin pant of a head light.
Also, you continue to coat fender mirrors.
Still, it is 0 kay to use visors etc.
You can make side pillar etc glossier and more marvelous.
When you work by yourself, Please, coat every panel. with out be coming greedy, and wipe it out repeatedly.
Also, you can wtilize the resin of tail lumps.
When the space of ornaments, such as embrem etc, is narrow, Please, use either a cotton bar or the edge of an attached cloth special for wiping out, and make it beautiful.
There are four sheets in an attached cloth which is special for wiping out, Please use it by folding into four parts. and by turning inside out. If you use much liguid deter gent, you have difficulty in wiping it out. Hence, please coat it by fealing that you extend it thinly.
When you have finished coating and wiping it out on the whole, Please check it whether you have the rest of coating or not. Please be careful of getting wet your car in the rein for 24 hours. Don’t wash your car for a week.
Full marks. You have done completely!! Both over whelming gloss and hardened thick film like a barrier, by all means, guard your beautiful car. After it has been hardened, it by no means comes out so long as you use a polishing compound. If you precisely maintain your car, this detergent will take an effect on it fully for 5 years.♪