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Detergent for writing brushes Fudesham(Fudeshampoo)100ml
Product code GM004
Price for sale (including tax) 1296yen

It is a shampoo for a writing brush which was developed by a new idea of washing brushes with foam.
We will recommend you for “Fudedamari” the root of your writing brush hardened in ink and Fudeware” , brush useless.
Plant acid derived from a natural substance is contained in Fudesham.
It can take off ingredient included in Chinese ink, which makes brushes harden.

Will you wash your brush soon after uslng it?
Will you push a pump 1-3 times on your palm and beside a root of yours?
Will you soak the bubbles in yours and wash a root very carefully so as to push it out gently?
It gets softer, and ink comes out more plentifully from a root.
Will you wash it entirely with water or lukewarm water? (You com remove ink beautifully which comes into your fingerprint.)
Will you wipe water out with towels and tissues etc, Aiso will you make a brush edge neat and hang it and day it in the shade?This makes it finished not driedly hut mois tly

Cosmetic brush kumano brushes detergent for brushes my farorite
A shampoo for writing brushes which The First Award were developed by a now idea that we can wash them with foam.
Plant acid derived from a natural substance in cluded in Fudesham safely decomposes the silicone ingredient which is contained in Chinese ink and hardens brushes,
Your precious brush is kept using long

[Application] The removal of Chinese ink adhered to brushes and stains of paints and other things
[Component] Anionic surfactant, plant acid
[type] liquid (acldic)
[Contents] 100ml(about 250 pushes)
[Product size] About 42 H about 130mm

To those who have forgotten washing brushes for a faw day
Not suitable for stubborn “Fudedamari”(a root of a brush handened in ink)

Will you put lake water warm in a cup so that a root of your brush may soak in water?
Will you put about 5 pushes of Fudesham into it ?
Will you soak and wash your brush in water for 1-3 day?

Please don’t pull a brush strongly and push it at the bottom of a cup.

The first new product in the world was released.
The shampoo, for the only cosmetic brush that we haven’t ever had!
I washed my brush many times for a long time.
It’s same what stiff and a little frizzy.
But after washing it with Fudesham, it will come to be like a new and soft one.
Because a brush gets in direct contact with the skin, we are also eager to clean it beautifully and still keep it very softly.
Fuesham is excellent!