Company Profile

Company name Ripica Co.,LTD
Representative Director Kazufumi Tsukihashi
Business Address

Nishino 544-1
Kohnucho Miyoshi city
Hiroshima Prefecture  Japan

TEL 0847-67-5480
FAX 0847-67-5481
Established year March,2008(March,Heisei:20)
Capital JPY3,000,000
e-mail info@ripica.com
OPEN Mon.-Fri. 10a.m. to 4p.m.

About Ripica Co.,Ltd

Ripica Co.,Ltd was established in2008 by Kazufumi Tsukihashi,who came back to Kohnucho
 We started to manufacture car chemicals with strong emotional feelings(ieanaspiration)
that we would like to deliver smiles and excitement by developing products that solve the trobles our customers have
 Now Ripica Co.,Ltd is certifred as the only one company in Hiroshima Prefecture.

It has acquired the top for Rakuten ranking and it has been often reported in news papers,magazines,and on television etc

The representative of Ripica,Kazufumi Tsukihashi, is from Hiroshima city,After graduation from Okayama University of Science,he got a job at a trading company.
In his twenties, he opened a new business office and was elected director there,But he aimed to start a business and resigned 
By the connection with one of his seniors at the university,he moved to Kohnucho with his family and he started a company. He has belonged to a fire brigade, Kagura group(sacred music and dancing performed at shrines ) etc,
He serves the PTA president, and the director of the young Entrepreneurs Group
Then,his family is appointed as a settled promotion model.

The finest silicon we developed
with a domestic maker and all the other developed
materials of goods are made in Japan
In the car chemical industry with many overseas products we stick to “Made in Japan.” We do not use petroleum solvent, carunauba etc and we really try to make products as friendly to human and the environment as possible. Ecpecially the safety of the products used by children and woman such as Fudesham is heightened.

The cleaning detergent for writing brash Fudesham is the only product for washing brush in the world, is a marvelous hit product that washes brushes, which is developed together with a maker of Kumanofude,
 All the products of car chemicals and Fudesham are made in our own manufacturing plant, they are delivered carefully with love everyday

 They are also delivered in our original packages, we are entirely concentrating our rinds on all the designs and functionality, of bottles pouches, boxes. and cardboards.

We are also developing the products that can solve complicated problems such as yellow haze on headlights, water spot of car bodies, writing brushes dirt make-up brush hardened in  ink

By making things clear and beautiful, coating them to maintain them beautiful, we can make customers easier and happy

Major trading partners

•Honda Motor Nishishimane Co., Ltd
•Honda Motor Hiroshima Co., Ltd
•Netz-Toyota Chugoku Co
•Hiroshima Mitsubishi-Motors Co
•Mazda Autozam Group
•CFN Co., Ltd
•Cores International, Inc
•Hiroshima Toyota Motor Corporation
•Hiroshima Nissan Co
•Trust-One Co., Ltd
•Usc Ltd
•Houkodou Co.,