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Coating vehicle shampoo
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Price for sale (including tax) 3,024 yen

Standard sige greatly popular amorg car dealers and so forth.

This is vehicle shampoo like a dream, because you can practice that easily in a short time from washing to coating.
We don’t use fatty components.
The vetore it doesn’t be come oil film etc and it is not only used for window panes, almi-wheels and rosins but also has the effect on ultra water-repel lency.
Besides, durabilityis for about one math but if it is regularly kept using it is expected to be much glossier and repellent.

The number of standard washing cars,
Subcompact cars ; 20
Compact cars ; 10
This is 8uite different from shampoo in wax.
2t is very coveuient if placed in a lavatory and a wash room.

When it is sprayed after cleaned, dirt is hard to stick and you find it very easy to clean next time.
The fact is that many barbers make use of washing the sinks.
I myself was very surprised firs to fall.
In no way, that is how they do, you think so!

Easy washing and coating! Washing time cam be greatly shortened.

This one bottle makes coating time shorten and do with, extreme ease.
As this is liguid-type-spray, silicone covers a car body . from edge to edge and sticks to it.
As you cam wax timy parts of a body which you have trouble waxing it hardly has unevenness for coating.

Working time is able to be greatly inpvoved and remarkable working effigiency also is able to be obtained.
Without being waxed and being wiped out with difficulty.

Marvelous water repelling display!

Coating vehicle shampoo immedi ately forms the filam of silicone which is stuck effectively and is hard to be peeled off and gives you wonderful water repellency and deep gloss.

Keep off your car-dirt!

Because coating vehicle wax is net used about wax-component made of oil, dirt is hard to stick.

6 Possible to use many kinds of windowpanes and wheels!

If coating vehicle shampoo should be used for windan panes.
Fatty film won’t be formed.
Besides, it is okay that you use many sorts of Almi-wheels and so on.

The who le body can be coated because of its lignid!

Wing to liguid-silicone resin, it enables you not only to soak the places impossible to be coated with hands, but also to protect the body from acid-rain and salt damage.

How to use
Previously, a body is entirely wafered, and sands and other things should be washed out.
Wet spange for a washing car.
Should be sprayed by the detergent.
Bubbles are restricted enviranmeutally.
Please don’t oueruse the detergent by thinking that there are few bubbles.
Without washing the whole body at one time, you do wash each part.
(In summer, you cool the body well!and you wash it in the shade, please!)
when you finish washing it each part should be watered and be cleaned inmodiately.
If you finish washing out the whole part of a car, such as window panes, wheels, resins and the others, please wipe water up with micro-fibercloth and so on.
(As you wash the only halfof right part it will be water-repelled!)
Further more, if you dryly wipe it with a fine cloth and soon, water repellent effect and luster will be improved well.
Coating vehicle shampoo. Q and A.
How long does repelling effect of Ripica coating vehicle shampoo last for?

It will last for a month.
However, it depends on a baby condition of your car and the climate, suchas rain and so on.

By means of using regularly, coating films became thick, thus its durability in creases still up.
water fur and dirt are hard to stick and if they stick to the car, you can come them out easily.

Do water fur and pitch come out with this Ripica coating vehicle shampoo?

This includes some cleaners there fore they can come them out to some extent, but it will be difficut to dose, if they are strictly stuck.

After the use of a cleaner special for fur, please make use of Ripica coating shampoo.
Can window panes also be wtiliged?

 Yes, they can be done.
It doesn’t include oil type oletengont, hence it doesn’t turn oil film and comes to be ultra repellent.
But, its maintenance power can’t be expected on account of the use of wipers for a wind shield.
Also, as windowpanes by much use of came to be white liguid cleaner, you should use it by spreading thinly with small gnantity.

And, please wipe out water completely with dry towels of ten was head.
Can I practice other companies’ coating cars used by polymers and other things?

Yes, you can.
It’ll take coating effect and durability much better on your car.
However it has a bad case of affinity among oil type waxes, there fore please use it after you make sure it in advance.

there’re many other similar products, but how is it different from them?

Certainly, there’re many similar ones, when you go to a store with car goods.
But, Ripica coating shampoo is very strong in adher once of silicone films, and so small amount of liguid detergent comes to be coated firmly and ultra-water repellent.
Besides, it absolutely comes out dirt because of including detergent.
Still, windowpanes are also coated.

Other companies’ products come to be oil films easily, hence there’re many ones which are not useful for windowpanes.
Do I feel that the price is somewhat high? You know.

Ripica coating shampoo is developed for professionals.
As we perfectly think row matericls very important we make use of superiorsilicane which is cam fortable for vehicle bodies.
Even small amount becomes completely effectire.
In case of 500ml shampoo, it will be able to wash out about 20 cars, as for subcompact cars.

If you think so, we find that the washing cost per car will be low.
How is it different from solid wax?

Many of aolid waxes are made of fat-type raw materials.
To be sure, it has wonderful gloss and water repellency, but when the effect becomes dilute on the can trany, it absorbs the dirt of fatty parts.
As a result, there’re many cases whore water stains heavily atick to it.
In addition.
When you coat the wax, you use many waxes without noticing many tiny scratches and so you lead to causes of lack of luster.
Besides, it takes you much time to wipe out solid waxes and you have been exhausted.

Yet, Ripica coating shampoo doesn’t contain fatty compound, and hence dirt is hard to stick and further can coat all the spots steadily which your hands don’t reach.
Is there anything to which I must pay attention when I use the way?

You aren’t supposed to use the way in case it is very hot under the sun and your car body has much heat.
Please practice waxing in the shade aften your car body has thoroughly cooled down.
Also, you never fail to wipe out the car at once with water every time you wash each part without washing the whole very gnickly.
Please be careful that it easily seems to come to be uneven after it forms silicone film by including the dirts if there is no moisture.

Furthere more, will you pay attention not to use so much lignid cleaner for window panes?
Photo graphs of customers’ beloved cars. And their comments for emotional feelings.

There was a storm from last night till morning.
Developed low pressure was said to have on influence on it but, is there anything different from typhoons?
Gust definition?

Well, today. I got paid holiday.
I have thought of the rest undone this year since this morning.
・・・・That is, about my car.
Tomorrow, I plan to go to the dealer to have my car yearly examined.
So as to change normal tires in to atuddless ones.
After wards, I should wash the car at the end of a year.
Speaking of shampoo,
Two weeks ago my olderest son said that the rest of vehicle shampoo came to be a little.

One year ago, I want to AB store, and saw the promotion video fire times.
After wards, I tried to walk around from right to left, and made up my mind to buy it by thinking of being deceived.
That is how I come across Ripica.


Promptly, my car, a copen
I pour my car with shampoo and, by letting water running.
・…So, you have finished.
As for me, a lagy person.
It was absolutely suitable for me.
Very easily. I was thinking that the effect disappeared soon.
In foct, the gloss was some what different from the previous one, I thought.
But a pile of similar things in the barn which I had already used till now come to the same fate・・・I thought so.


On the contrary, today, I use the second bottle and am using other two cars.

The oldest son who loves clarification has been using his favorite car, swift sport, every second math.
His favorite one!
Because we ran out of the first shampoo.
I want to the AB store, and so they were sold out.
When I went to the near by store of my company they were similarly sold out.
The olderest son had on urgent reguest like an arrow, so that I found out the developing and producing company on the web.
I managed to buy them.
His demand has fimis hed  in 4 days.
We are grateful for rapid response.

The rest of that second one is somewhat little.
The state of the picture is that of the wash two weeks later.

I managed to take a picture of ripica that was slipping down.